Smoke and the mirrors

I guess everyone working with martech and/or privacy related matters are familiar with the changes that Apple is rolling out constantly or they are planning to roll out in the future. Many changes done for the sake of privacy, that is heartwarming as an ideology but things are rarely as simple as they sound. The latest privacy “improvements” with Safari browsers have been greeted with great headache at Gravito’s end as the limitations with third party cookies and other storage is making it harder day by day for us to operate on behalf of the customer and communicate their will about how they would like to be treated from privacy point of view. And if the limitations would be only black and white technical but there is also ITP, Intelligent Tracking Protection, that creates a fuzzy black box to the setup and on this landscape we cannot know when the day comes ITP starts treating Gravito as tracking system instead of a consumer’s privacy profile.

Sample from the test app

Anyway, we will be posting more about the short-comings of all these new “features” but there was interesting small detail found today while we were configuring IoT device to send device presence data to Gravito API. It seems that if you turn bluetooth off on your Apple device (iOS14, IPad14), the device is keeping the radio on. So, basically turning bluetooth off has no effect and the device’s presence can still be monitored.

So, you can block tracking of your device on online world but not in physical. Feels weird.

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